VGA to HDMI Adapter

New technology always brings better innovation. This means that certain ports also have to give way to better innovations that come along. One such port which looks like is headed for an end is the VGA port. It looks like the trusted old VGA connection is on its way out. Although you will still see older systems and devices making use of this 25 year old port for monitor connections. The newer devices such as laptops and computers are slowly making the switch from VGA connectors in favour of HDMI. This interface, among its other advantages, allows for manufacturers to make thinner (laptop) devices.

In circumstances where you find yourself in need of a VGA connector, the VGA to HDMI Cable Adapter becomes the best solution for connecting your computer or any other HDMI source to a monitor with full High Definition video output. The VGA to HDMI Cable Adapter is outstanding for its simplicity. It’s a true plug and plays adapter with no extra downloads or drivers required. The cable is small and compact and does not need an external power source. All you do is just plug it into the source HDMI port, plug a VGA cable into the adapter’s VGA port and then choose the recommended display settings via your laptop. You can also use it to connect from VGA to HDMI if the output display only has an HDMI port.

Where to use the adapter

The VGA to HDMI Cable Adapter is a great legacy companion that can be used in conjunction with an older 4:3 aspect projector or television that has a VGA port. Just connect to any existing display outputs (monitors, television, or projectors) with a VGA input from the newer computers or desktop machines. However, you have to remember that any audio output is not supported when using the VGA cable; it must be transmitted using a separate peripheral.

The VGA to HDMI Cable Adapter is compatible with many other devices such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. It are supports Most (if not all) monitors and projectors. However, there are devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players that need HDCP to view copyrighted content. VGA to HDMI adapter does not work with these.

Superior HD display

An HDMI interface allows you to have an output display of 1080p and this adapter will give you the same high definition display. No need to worry about bad picture quality. While you buy a VGA cable, however, you will not get this VGA to HDMI adapter with it.

Strong and portable

Strong plastic insulation of the adapter ensures durability even under the harshest conditions. This insulation also means the adapter is waterproof. It is also very portable and lightweight; meaning you can carry it with you at all times. Use it for your business presentation from your laptop or at home with the desktop to extend or mirror your screen onto a separate monitor.

Full HD at an affordable price

For only $11.75 the VGA to HDMI adapter gives you great value for your money. There is no compromise in the quality and the adapter will always perform when you need it to. Visit SmartCases to order yours now!

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