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The first cell phones look was a lot different than the cell phones that we use today. Early cellular devices were bulky and mane people used to think that it is made for the car. These first designs were so big that it just wasn’t practical to carry them around in a purse or pocket.

By 1983, Motorola designed a smaller cellular device, the DynaTAC 8000x. They released the first truly portable cell phone arrived on the market. Although we need to credit the Motorola phone huge for today’s cell phone standards. Motorola is the premier mobile device because it was devised for carrying on your person. The first mobile phone was also quite expensive and therefore not many people used it.

Revolution of Smart Phone & Galaxy S8 Plus

The cell phones of the 21st Century have evolved into more than just something we use for communication. Now cellular phones are a very smart and useful tool that almost everyone has. From kids to grandparents, it seems that most people carry smart mobile device or smartphone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is an affordable luxury that comfortably fits into a pocket, backpack, or purse.

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a Heavy Duty Case

In the 1980s only those folks who were interested in trying something new bought a cell phone. Primarily used in the business and sales industries, they eventually became the tools of the trade. As the designs became smaller and easier to use and transport, they also became more popular.

The first cell phones were mainly a way to communicate. As features such as voicemail were available. The cell phone manufacturers realized that they could incorporate new technologies into the phones and develop new features. These infant smartphones included voicemail and address books and allowed users to access their email. And also use the phone as a facsimile machine and a pager.

Protective Case 

Of course, the early adaptations of today’s sleek cell phones weren’t without issues. They required constant charging and the heavy batteries to lug around a spare battery as well. Also, the phone batteries had such a limited charging life, and that prevented extended use away from the charger. Additionally, the amount of cell phone accessories was not that much available. For example, there weren’t yet any heavy duty cases.

SMART CASES Provide Australians with a Better Way to Shop

Thankfully, technological advancements helped the cell phone manufacturers to streamline their designs. Eventually, we can figure out how to create a more affordable phone that has all the features the consumers want in a much smaller and portable model. The manufacturers also worked diligently to develop affordable, sturdy hard phone cases.

Since 2016, SMART CASES have been providing people with fashionable, functional mobile phone accessories. It includes quality Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Protective Cases, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Hard case.

We dedicate ourselves to providing our loyal customers with an excellent buying experience from start to finish. Not only do we carry a wide array of phone cases at affordable prices we offer free shipping within Australia if you order before 4 pm.

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