Experience the splendid Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung is a brand who always maintain their quality. There are so many series already this company has launched. Among these Galaxy Note series is very popular to smartphone users. Galaxy Note 9 is the latest addition in note series lineup. It has a special feature. Its user can able to get the real taste of smart devices in this one phone. The larger 6.4-inch screen gives a stunning view of pictures, watching HD videos and playing video games. Galaxy Note 9 contains a 4000 mAh battery.

As a result, you don’t have to stick to the charger. In a single charge, users would be capable to pass a whole day. In particular, the storage of this phone is huge with 128GB internal storage and up to 512GB of external storage. So, its storage is quite similar to a computer.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a camera phone
This smartphone has a Dual 12 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Front Camera. It has dual aperture mode which can shot like a human eye. F2.4 aperture mode gives sharpness when needed. In terms of the dark scene, F1.5 provides as much light as possible. Its intelligent camera can identify where you aiming at. Thus, the setting of contrast and color balance change automatically. Additionally, this camera can detect blinks and blurs. So, there is a big chance to capture precious moments.
S Pen: The multitasker
S Pen looks like a Stylus but it is more than a stylus. It has the ability to do many things. Firstly, there is a button in the middle of the pen. It is called the remote control button. You can control your Note 9 by this pen from 30 feet away. For instance, those who are very keen to take photos can pose before the camera. By clicking on the remote control button you can snap your photos or selfies easily. While giving a presentation before the audience you don’t have to change slides by touching the phone.  S Pen can help you to change the slide.

Likewise, pausing videos, changing pages is helpful. Moreover, if someone has a passion for drawing or sketching then this is highly recommended for him/her. Because you can draw whenever you want in your Note 9 by using S Pen. Interestingly, it gives service more than 30 minutes with just 40 seconds of charging.
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Buy Galaxy Note 9 Luxury Mirror View Flip Case Cover

We sell Luxury View Smart Shiny Plating Flip Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As this flip cover’s front part is transparent, you can see your phone’s display. It is easy to pick up the call on the cover. By flipping Mirror view cover you can watch videos. This case can protect your phone form a simple accident. The design of this cover is user-friendly. It’s easy to access all buttons and ports without removing the case.

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This cover is made of genuine leather. Using it on your phone you can get benefits. It protects your smartphone from any scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. The design of this cover is very splendid which covers the phone but has access to buttons and ports are. We sell Genuine leather wallet case with very cheap price. Finally, you have amenity to place your ATM Cards and other cards in the wallet section.

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