Experience the latest Samsung Galaxy A30
Samsung always cares about the customer’s demand. According to users wish they launch a new phone. This is the specialty of this phone company. For the last few years, they have introduced so many smartphones at a reasonable price. Among their series phone, a series is a very popular one. There were 4 smartphones belong to Samsung Galaxy A series. However, in last March 2019, users got another phone named Galaxy A30. Now, the A series has 5 phones available. Galaxy A30 is the middle child of A series. It belongs to between Galaxy A20 and A50.

The Galaxy A30 would be a popular phone because of its updated feature. And The price of this phone is very cheap. The front glass of this phone will impress you in various way. Even though its back looks so glossy as glass but it’s a plastic body.  There are 3 colors available in the market. These are Black, Blue, and Red. You can order your phone’s color depending on your choice. Moreover, Black is the most popular color among users. The Processor of Galaxy A30 is same as like M30 ( Exynos 7904 SoC )
The key Features of Samsung Galaxy A30
Galaxy A30 is an updated smartphone. There so many special features. Among them some are remarkable. Firstly, it’s 6.4-inch Infinity-U AMOLED Display which is vibrant. This wonderful smart display gives you pleasure. Due to it has the capability to colorize what you want to see on the screen. While watching HD videos you can’t recognize whether it is TV or Phone. In terms of playing games, you must be happy to play. As its touch screen works faster you won’t be interrupted. Additionally, Anybody can hold Galaxy A30 easily. The shape of this phone is very flashy. As a result, you will be happy to use this smartphone.

Moreover. Android 9 operating system has included. For the updated system, everything works very smoothly. We have seen that some smartphone become hang or heat because of extreme use. As Galaxy A30 belongs to Android 9 operating system there is a chance to heat or hang. Furthermore, the most interesting part is the battery. It has a bigger 4000 mAh battery which has enough capacity. Using several apps and browsing internet cost very low charge. So, you can use your phone all day long with just one charge. This feature will be beneficial for job holders or persons who have no chance of charge the phone in the day. You don’t have stick to a wall or car charging adapter.

Facelock is also another interesting feature. If you place your phone in front of your face it will be unlocked. The face detecting sensor is doing this. Regarding storage, there are 23 version available. One is internal 32 GB memory and 3GB Ram. The second one is 64 GB internal memory and 4GB Ram. And Micro SD  up to 512 GB.
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   Buy Galaxy A30 Wallet Leather Case
This is a brand new smart case. It made of leather. This wallet leather case protects your phone from any sudden accident. You can place your ATM card, National id card, etc in the wallet section. This case is protective of the phone and provides the benefit of a wallet. The weight of the wallet leather case is very light. And easy to use as a genuine leather case. It is a magnetic case. So, your phone’s screen can be protected.
  Buy Samsung Galaxy A30 Clear Gel Case
A clear case is a transparent gel case. People like this case very much. Because when people use this case, it gives strong protection. And it hardly seems that there is a case because of clearness. The logo of Samsung would not hide. Most of the Galaxy users don’t like to cover their logo. In that case, the Gel case is very fashionable. In addition, it perfectly fits your phone and you don’t have to cut.

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