Meet the latest OnePlus 7 Pro
Oneplus 7 pro is the new edition of Oneplus’s smartphone. And it seems the prettiest phone in the OnePlus lineup. In this phone, they have applied many smart features. To compete with the other smartphone this is the main way. Notably, it has a mind-blowing look. That will appeal to the users. OnePlus 7 Pro holds a stunning all-screen front. There is a hidden novel pop-up selfie camera. And it is hardly seen in any other phone. We have seen this smart camera on the Vivo Rex. Its immersive 6.67-inch front display. And curved glass is impressed, smartphone users. The 90H2 screen refresh rate provides a dashing view. While playing games or watching movies.

OnePlus 7 Pro launched in May 2019. Since then people have a great attraction to this phone. Due to the latest feature. Like every time, they are not come up with the only black colored body. This time, users will experience three different colors. And it runs with the fastest Operating System Android 9.0. Samsung’s skin name is Touchwiz. Likewise, Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus developed a system for the overseas market. It is offering a high Power and features with a very lower customer-friendly price. Even though the cost is as same as iPhone XR and Galaxy S10E. However, Oneplus 7 pro’s feature is much more standard than that of other’s phone.
The key particularity of OnePlus 7 Pro
One special feature that improves the beauty of this phone is the screen. There is a costly and near bezel-free curved display that stretches all over the phone’s front. The glass from the front side is the durable Gorilla curved glass. And the back has a metal frame.6.67-inch, 19.5:9 display is the screen size. And 6.67-inch QHD + 90H2 Fluid AMOLED display gives a good experience. This the first OnePlus phone. It contains screen transcend above Full HD + resolution. It has a strong fingerprint sensor. This is such a strong sensor in your first slight touch the will unlock. The faces lock system, it is so quick. The phone becomes unlock within a second. Where another phone asks for a long time. Although this phone doesn’t have a wireless charging system. The first charging system has been added.

The 30W wrap charger charges fast. OnePlus Pro’s battery is 4000mAh. To be fully charged this fast-charging charger need one hour and 20 minutes. There is no notch or hole-punch camera. Instead, it has a smart pop-up front-facing snapper. It’s a hidden camera but it will come to view. While capturing selfies. The bigger 48 Mega-Pixel main cameras and 16 Mega-Pixel Pop-up cameras are installed. There are three lenses on the back. A 48-MP main snapper with OIS. An 8-MP telephoto sensor and 3x lossless optical zoom. The rest lens is a 16-MP ultra-wide-angle sensor. Along with a splendid 117-degree field of view. As a result, you are able to capture photos from various positions. Those who have photography skills or fond of capturing this phone are highly recommended for them. OnePlus’s special Nightscape scene mode. And Pixel-binning technology help to stable the moments.
   The very first phone with UFS 3.0
People have been talking about this feature for a long time. They are yet experiencing this marvelous specialty until the release of OnePlus 7 Pro. There was a talk that users are going to enjoy the UFS feature in Samsung’s latest phone. But everything went into vain. When they released the phone. Oneplus is the very first smartphone company to come up with this choice. Maybe you have a question what is UFS? The answer is this technology increase the speed of reading and write. The speed becomes twice. When something you read or write. People are reading so many articles, stories, novels on the phone’s screen. Even sometimes note down important things on the note. So, it can be said that OnePlus is supplying what actually the buyer wants.
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