Lightning to AUX Cable

Your mobile devices are only as good as they are compatible with multiple uses. With so many device makers out there, however, that’s not always the case. Now, this is where the Lightning to AUX Cable comes in handy. It allows you to connect two devices easily and effectively! It has  super versatile design. That’s why it is compatible with all Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


What Makes It Special?
Data and power cables are never the same in design but they often present the same old challenges for users. The regular cables suffer from fraying and cracking when exposed to rubbing or twisting forces. However, it’s simply impossible to avoid such incidences during normal usage and operations.

This Lightning to AUX Cable has, however, been designed to withstand all such forces, thanks to a number of impressive design features. This means that you can count on it to always serve your transmission needs effectively for a very long time! The cable boast of several unique design features such as;

Sturdy & Durable Design

Instead of the regular plastic laminated exterior, the Lightning to AUX Cable comes with a super strong braided outer core.  That core is made of fine grade nylon, closely braided to a uniform and impenetrable layer. It also enables the cable to absorb all twisting and fraying forces easily without damaging the inner wiring. Transmission is enabled via an oxygen free copper wire core. The cable features a textured aluminum that cannot be easily damaged by impact. To top it off, it has a sturdy all-metal casing for connecting to the USB port.

Ample Length Design

Say goodbye to the traditional short-length cable designs! The Lightning to AUX Cable offers you a fully flexible 3 feet length or 1 meter design. This gives you a lot of play and maneuverability when in use. Moreover, it reduces damaging forces like twisting and over stretching.

  • High-End Tech

The Lightning to AUX Cable boasts of the latest DAC sound chip with a 24 Karat gold plated Jack. This gold plate eliminates all interference during use. This design gives a top quality sound output from a seamless audio signal! You are guaranteed to experience the music exactly as intended by the producer!



The Lightning to AUX Cable is pretty easy to use. It requires no additional operation except simply connecting both ends to their compatible ports. Each end is designed for a firm clutch that is easily connected and disconnected without damaging the cable or the devices involved.

The 3.5mm audio jack is also a standard design feature on many audio devices. This means you can easily connect your device to just about any audio implement of choice without needing any intermediary connector!

Value for Money!

This high quality cable will not make any damage to your device. It ensures you get full value for your money, and more! It is competitively priced at only $14.99! You can’t possibly get a better deal than this in terms of quality and its operational capabilities. Grab your today from SMARTCases and experience the best convenience and sound quality!

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