Garmin Venu SQ Music Screen Protector & Wristband

Garmin Venu SQ – The new chapter of the sports watch

This is such a smartwatch which contains almost all fitness feature. While thinking about our health, a fitness tracker required for being updated about the physical condition. Nowadays we, the city dweller, are becoming weak and having various physical barriers. Because our life is combing into modern devices which are weakening ourself. It’s very high to conscious about our health. In that, the latest Garmin Venu SQ can help us by providing all the important information. It has a 1.3-inch Bright LCD touch screen as a result it’s easy to read.

The sleep tracking is very strong in it which comparative rear to the competitor’s feature. Likewise, its SP02 (Blood Oxygen) tracking always gives you the ratio. The Garmin Venu SQ is compatible with Android and IOS. Another 2 crucial features are voice assistant and Altimeter. It has 2 buttons. One for start or stop the watch and the other one for navigating back and forth between menus. People will love it due to its comparatively cheap price and long battery life. Its battery life is Up to 6 days.

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To provide protection for your loving Garmin Venu SQ smartwatch you need some accessories. For example, we use the smartwatch all the time. So, the smartwatch screen can be affected by scratch, dust, oil, and so on. A tempered glass screen protector able to give instant protection. We, the, have Black tempered glass that covers the full-screen edge to edge. As a result, it makes sure the highest protection.

Moreover, you may want to change the band. We’re selling the replacement silicone rubber wristband in different colors. You can choose among them according to your choice. In addition, if you want to buy accessories from an online store please visit our store once. You’ll find the accessories easily as the site is well decorated.

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