USB Type C Charging Cable Cord

Experience the ultimate Super-Fast Type C Cable:

While looking for a cable the first thing that comes into our mind is charging speed. Nowadays everyone wants swift charging. The smartphone becomes the most memorable friend to us. That’s why we don’t want to leave the phone a long time for charging. Even someone has various work to do over the phone. And the quality of Charging cable, longevity, and outlook also crucial. If you won’t get the premium Fast Charging Data Sync Type C Cable then you’re in the right place. The has various types of cable for you. You can select your desired one from a variety of collections.

Choose the best 3.1 Type C Cable from online

We, the, have many types of Type C Cable in our stock. Here, I’m giving you a short view of these Cables.

Braided USB Type C- 

Braided Cable is very popular among users. There are some reasons for its high demand. Versatility is the main feature of the cable. We have 6 different colors such as Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Rose Gold, and White. Those are fond of trendy color will be able to choose according to wish. It has various sizes including 0.25 Meter, 1 Meter, and 2 Meters. In terms of Data, photos, videos transferring 1 Meter Braided cable is one of the best cables. Even you can put you far away from the plus as the 2 Meter cable fulfill a good coverage.

Denim Style USB Type C-

The majority of young people love the Denim Style Type c cable because of its stylish look. It is very flexible. So, it doesn’t bend or twist. You can use it as per wish. The denim Type C Cable has 2 sizes of 1 Meter and 2 Meters. Likewise, 2 attractive colors (Black and Blue).

You may need to use 2 to 3 cables for charging. For office desk, Car, Home use you may need a different length of cables. You can get the various lengths, colors, styles here. Why are you waiting for? Just go for experiencing the best charging experience.

SupRShield USB Type C Type C Charging Cable Cord

If you are fond of Branded products then this is for you. SupRShield is a promising accessories company based in Sydney, Australia. This is Apple certified cable which means you have to have strong confidence in it.  The cable is made of Nylon and has Black and white in stock.

The SupRShield Type c cable is Universal. All the latest Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Oppo, Nokia, Alcatel, Moto, Oneplus phones have the Type c port. So, you can charge and transfer data to various phones from a single cable.

Different demands: One Solution

In our regular life, we may need a Phone, Smart devices many accessories. Rather than finding here and there, you can find all the necessary accessories in one place. It is,au just visit once and get all of you demanded high-quality products at the best price.

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