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It is not out of the question to argue that the iPhone changed the world. It’s not that there weren’t mobile phones before the iPhone (who can forget those delightful Star Trek inspired flip phones) but the iPhone changed the terms of the debate. When you buy an iPhone, you are not only getting a quality telephone you’re also getting an excellent camera, a music player, a little TV, a GPS system, voice recorder, and enough access to enough apps to allow you to do almost anything. That’s why it’s so important to protect your iPhone. When you need it iPhone 7 hard case visit us at SMART CASES.

It’s almost a rite of passage these days – you carry around your iPhone because it looks so sleek and well-designed, and then you drop it, the screen shatters, and you need to spend time out of your day taking it to the Apple Store for repairs. It’s not the hours you spend getting the phone fixed that bother you so much as your inability to access the device that has become such an integral part of your life. When you’re looking for an iPhone 7 heavy duty case, we have what you need.

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Expanding a bit on what we mentioned above on the iPhone changing the world, this year marks the 10th anniversary of when the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. These are just some of the ways the mobile phone has changed the way we live.

Remember when you had to have a map to find your way around? Anyone who’s ever lost their way in an unfamiliar part of town or tried to find their way around a new location is thankful for GPS. Although it didn’t appear until iPhone 3, GPS not only changed the way people navigate their way around; it enabled an entirely new industry – Uber and Lyft being the primary beneficiaries. Here’s another thing you probably don’t think of – believe it or not, once upon a time there was a world without selfies, but they may be the most common form of photographs taken these days. Appearing in the iPhone 4, Apple made this possible with a front-facing camera, so these are great examples of a phenomena no one had considered. Finally, the iPhone led to the creation of apps. In a mere ten years the creation of apps for smartphones, originally done for iPhones, has become a billion-dollar industry.

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Whether you need an iPhone 7 protective case or protection for any other iPhone model or an entirely different brand, we have what you need. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find just the right protective case you need for your phone. We handle thousands of orders every month, and we ship to anywhere on the planet. If you live in Australia, and your order before 4 pm, we will send most items to you free of charge. When you’re looking for the very best smartphone cases at the best prices, contact us today.

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