iPhone 12 Pro Charging Cable

As per the sources, Apple Inc. will not include any in-box accessories of the upcoming iPhone. previously, Apple Inc. excluded the earphones to exclude the cost Airpods. The same strategy implies for this year’s iPhone lineup. There would not be any iPhone 12 Pro charging cable cord or an adapter in the box. Once again iPhone users will have to outsource some segments of the accessories such as the charging cable cord. Sources reveal that the charging cable supports the common USB Type-C port. In that case, Users could conveniently avail charging cable cords from online. This depicts that Apple implies to significantly reduce the price of the iPhone 12 Pro box packed product.

This move will predictably not cause havoc for the iPhone users. But who knows? Consequently, users will have to outsource their charging cable. This year, Apple will further increase the pace with support for 20W charging. As per sources, ironically, the latest power adapter would look quite similar to last year’s. Sources further reveal that the charger supports the common USB Type-C port on one side. Apple is likely to bundle USB-C to lightning cable in the retail pack.

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