iPad lover’s waiting is over now
iPad users had been waiting for long 3 years to get its new version. Apple fulfilled their wishes. A new model has been launched on last 18th March 2019. This iPad belongs to the 5th generation. Apple first introduced the iPad back in 2012 to the users. Since then they have launched some models. These are known as iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4. Now, it’s high time to keep a keen eye on iPad mini 5 2019. Since the start of the iPad until now, all the models remain almost the same. iPad mini 5 2019 also has some similar feature. Though users will get several modern facilities.

Additionally, the previous iPad mini 4 was introduced in September 2015. After that, users expect a new version.  But in the meantime, Apple didn’t introduce any iPad model. As a result, users were quite dissatisfied. At last, Apple comes up with iPad mini 5 2019. The modern features are amazing its users.
   Experience the latest iPad mini 5 2019
iPad mini 5 is the updated model which added in Apple’s mini lineup. The looking of this pad almost similar to iPad mini 4 2015. Although it has some extra features which didn’t include before. iPad mini 5 2019 has a 7.9-inch display. You can think it is also the previous screen. But the screen has been improved. The body of this pad is very slim. People recognize iPad mini 5 2019 is the best tiny tablet at present days. As a tiny pad, you would be able to carry in indoors as well as outdoors easily. It is hard to hold a bigger tab on hand. But the iPad mini 5 2019 is very easy to hold. The home button at the bottom of the screen contains Apple’s strong Touch ID sensors.

iPad mini 5’s performance is as same as flagship iPhone XS. You will enjoy so faster split view. Apple is assuring users about its battery capacity. In a single charge, you will get support nonstop around 10 hours while using Wi-Fi. Regarding cellular browsing, the battery could support 9 hours. Its main camera is 8 MP and selfie is 7 MP. The camera resolution is not very modern but sometimes it can help you a lot.
     The new rendition of Apple pencil
This is the very first time Apple iPad users are using Apple pencil on iPad mini 5 2019. Great news for artists and those who fond of drawing. Through this pencil, you can sketch or draw anything. In your spare time, it could be a way to spend time. For instance, you are visiting a beautiful natural place, Mountain, or see then able to draw some special sceneries. This will give you the real peace of mind. Even in your special person’s birthday or any other ceremony you can gift his/her sketch. As iPad mini 5 2019 is very tiny, you could hold it and draw or sketch when traveling on the bus or car. Overall, those are fond of drawing or sketching they will be really satisfied.
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The latest iPad mini 5 must be very favorable to you. To protect your pad from a sudden accident you need some accessories. Tempered glass can provide safety to display from scratches, dust, and sudden fall. Likewise, a case can give safety to your pad. If you want to buy accessories online, you’ll find numerous online shop. Buying products from AU seller mean you are helping a native entrepreneur. In this way, your money will be included in your country’s GNP. This is what a country want. Because if you buy your product from AU Seller, your money will remain in the same country. However, after buying a product from international; seller money will go to another country.

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       Buy iPad mini 5 Soft Gel Clear Case Cover
Smart case is offering you Soft gel clear case cover. It is very high-quality smooth, flexible and transparent. Dust, scratch, and fingermark can’t attack because of this case. Usually, Apple’s logo is marked at the back part and no one wants to hide this logo. In that case, this soft gel case can give a smart look of your iPad. Sometimes you can feel as if there is no cover adjusted with your phone. All of sudden our tab can drop down unconsciously. iPad mini 5 2019 could be safe by soft gel case.
The features of iPad mini 5 2019 Tempered Glass
Our tempered glass can protect your phone from various danger. For example, while playing video games on iPad mini 5 display can be affected by your nails. If you use tempered glass on the screen, then the chance will be reduced. Because of our tempered glass able to support from any scratches or dust. It covers not only display but the whole front side of your iPad. It is pre-cut-protector that means already it has been designed to this iPad. You don’t have to do anything. Finally, we can say this is one of the best screen protector glasses for iPad mini 5 2019.
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