Meet the iPad Air 3 10.5 2019
It’s been 5 long years Apple launched their iPad Air 2 in 2014. After these years Apple introduced their latest iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 on 18th March 2019. This is the latest and 3rd generation iPad Air. It has a stunning 10.5-inch display which is almost similar to iPad pro-2017’s display. iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 has a superior 10.5-inch display with thinner bezels. Its faster chipset is quite similar to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s power.

Interestingly, iPad Air 3 2019’s performance almost double than those of the iPad 9.7 inch. It is bigger than 9.7inch Air 2. Second generation’s Touch ID Sensors has been established in this iPad Air which is of course, faster.

On the other hand, iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 has 2 speakers. Even though iPad Pro’s old 4 models had 4 speakers. Moreover, it has such a feature which can protect your iPad any debris. Likewise, Air 3 2019 has a water resistant feature also. So, it would be really impressing while traveling. If you visit the waterfall, sea, lake, etc then this option will help you a lot. As it supports E sim you can take proper benefit from this. iPad Air 3 10.5 2019’s 3 GB RAM and 64/256 GB internal memory can have an influence on you as well.
       The Special feature of iPad Air 3 10.5 2019

Apple gives some special features in every device. This time Apple gave two special gadget with iPad Air 3 10.5 2019. This two gadget makes it so worthy. The first one is Apple pencil. This is the first time iPad users will be able to use apple’s wonderful pencil.

iPad Air 3 10.5 2019’s pencil belongs to the first generation. You shouldn’t think that it’s from the second generation. There are numerous facilities you can enjoy through this first generation’s pencil. For example, if you are fond of drawing this is highly recommended for you. As you can carry your iPad with you it would be very easy to draw anytime whenever want. Sitting in a beach, traversing deep forest, staying peak of a mountain you could capture that golden moment through drawing. This drawing will keep you vivid about your past days. You would be nostalgic in the long run. In terms of taking notes simply it can help you a lot. Making slides and while doing multitask is one of the great benefits. In addition, Apple pencil works like a mouse. By simple touch, you can point anywhere on the screen.

The second one is Smart Keyboard. It is also from the first generation. By using Smart Keyboard you can do your official work on iPad. Even if you want to make your presentation or changing some terms from the presentation these two accessories will be helpful then. Furthermore, you can write down many things when traveling through bus or can.
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Precaution is always important for your smart device. Some simple actions can provide safety to your device. For instance, if you use your iPad without taking any actions the display can be harm by scratches, dust and so on. But only tempered glass can prevent the display of your iPad. A heavy-duty case gives you belief of less harm. Anyone can collect his/her essential accessories from a retail shop or online shop.

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iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 360 degree rotate case cover
It is a 360-degree synthetic smart case cover. This case made of pure leather which gives the case a very smart look. The 360-degree case has such a unique design anyone can access to volume button, lock button easily. Additionally, The design of this case doesn’t bother you to access to Charging or headphone ports. Even this is very lightweight and easy fold while watching videos or talking through a video call. It will protect your beloved iPad from scratches, dust and any other unexpected accident.
Buy iPad Air 3 2019 Folio Leather Case

This folio leather case also very smart High-quality synthetic and magnetic leather case. To be more precise, it is durable and washable. Whenever you feel your cover looks dirty you can simply clean. This case has several colors such as Black, Gold, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold. So, you can choose a cover of your favorite color.
Other accessories we sell for iPad Air 3 10.5 2019

iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 Heavy Duty Tough Kickstand Strong Case Cover.
Apple iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector Film Guard.
Apple iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 USB Type C Fast Charging High-Quality Data Sync Cable


iPad Air 3 10.5 2019USB Ports Plug Wall Charger Fast Charging Power Adapter.
iPad Air 3 10.5 2019 QC3.0 Fast Charging 5V 9V 12V Multi 4 USB Ports Car Charger Adapter.

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